Special Pigs

Special Pigs

Manufacturers and Suppliers of Decoking Pigs, Sphere pig, Lip Pig & Special Pig in India. Pigging and decoking is a process to remove sticky surfaces and clean walls of the pipeline

Lip Pigs

  • Tailored for pipeline sizes between 1 inch and 6 inches.
  • Offered in single-piece casting or lip replacement variants.
  • Hardness ranges from 55 to 85 shore A, ensuring both durability and flexibility.
  • Optional integration with magnets facilitates efficient detection during pigging operations.
  • Easily replaceable worn-out lips enable cost-effective maintenance without replacing the entire body.

Varieties of Lip Pigs:

  • Lip Pigs.
  • Lip Pigs with Magnets.
  • Dual Hardness Lip Pigs.
  • Lipless Pigs.
  • Solid Cast Lip Pigs.