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Manufacturers and Suppliers of Decoking Pigs, Sphere pig, Lip Pig & Special Pig in India. Pigging and decoking is a process to remove sticky surfaces and clean walls of the pipeline

1. Decoking Pigs

2. sphere Pigs

3. Lip pig


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Purion’s Decoking pigs for decoking refinery heaters and pipes are available from 2″ to 8″.

The Decoking pigs are manufactured from high-quality polyurethanes and studed pins made of tungsten steel.

Decoking Pig removes the hardest coke and encrustations from furnace tubes and plugs.

Due to the pig’s resilience and flexibility, It has the ability to move in short radius and U-Bends.

Tungsten steel studs break the coke layers loose and water flows around the pig. This action flushes loosened deposits from the cleaning studs ahead of the pig.


Sphere pigs can be manufactured Solid or Flexible or even Inflatable, from sizes 4″ to 24″.

Can be manufactured using polyurethane or Neoprene.

Sphere pigs can be used for Liquid Batch Separation and line testing, liquid removal in gas lines.

These pigs can negotiate all bends of even a very short radius.


Lip pigs are suitable for sizes 1″ to 6″.

Pigs can be cast into a single piece or Lip replacement type.

The Pigs can be integrated with magnets for detection.

The wear-out lips can be replaced with fresh lips without replacing the body.



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