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Purion’s Poly turbo Pigs are made of single cast high quality polyurethane materials and no assembly is required. These kind of pigs are associated with mandrel pigs, Suitable for any pigging operations, purging, cleaning and liquids displacement. These pigs are engineered for longer wear and abrasion resistance.

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Poly turbo pigs are made of high strength polyurethane that resists abrasion.

Pigs are single piece cast product without any manufactured metallic components

Pigs are easy to launch.

Pigs are lightweight and are available in sizes from 2″ to 12″.

Flexible cups and disc enables pigs to move in 1D bends and pipe restriction upto 20% .

Pigs offer the flexibility of foam pigs coupled with the rugged performance .

Pigs are easy to clean.

Paint                Batching               Fuel              Oil                    Cleaning






Poly Turbo pigs are casted with different configurations at Disc and Cups. Namely: Two Cup pig, Three cup pig, Four cup pig and models pig.

The number of cups and discs as well as their arrangement can be customized to accommodate certain application and desired results.

Poly Turbo Pigs can be manufactured along with provisions like :

Transmitter sensor

Pulling rope or Cables

jetting bye-pass Ports

Magnets moulded inside Pig

Carbon steel wire brushes


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