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Poly Foam Pigs manufacturer and Supplier in Chennai, India. Poly Foam Pigs are bullet shaped pigs with sealed concave shaped bottom. These kind of pigs are made of high quality Polyurethane Elastomers. The concaved bottom of the Foam pigs are Coated with polyurethane elastomer for resistance.


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Poly Foam Pigs travel almost in all piping systems.

Foam Pigs are available in a variety of abrasives and polyurethane patterns.

Foam pigs can be made in sizes varying between 1 inch to 120 inches.

Open-cell foam enables Foam Pigs to move in 90° ells, tees, valves, and reduction or expansion of diameter in pipelines.

Foam Pigs can be manufactured with the double dish, double nose, pulling rope or cable, Transmitter fitting Provision, gauge plates, and Jetting bypass ports.

Poly Pigs are coated with Polyurethane elastomers with shore A 80-85.

  • Water & Waste Water
  • Gathering
  • Petro Chemical
  • Air & Gas Injection
  • Loading & Disposal
  • Bitumen
  • Oil

Foam pigs are classified as four basic types:-





Poly Foam pigs are classified based on Polyurethane material:-

Low Density [1-2 lbs/ft),

Medium Density (5-8 lbs/ft)

Heavy Density (9-10 lbs/ft)

Bare poly foam Pigs are made of Light density (1-2 lbs/ft³) ,Medium density (5-6 lbs/ft³),High Density (9-10 lbs/ft³).

Bare foam pigs are primarily used for drying and sweeping loose debris.

This kind of Foam pig are used in gentle cleaning, wiping, and dewatering of the internal diameter of pipelines

Criss Cross poly Foam pigs are made in a criss-cross pattern of polyurethane elastomers in the outer body.

Criss Cross Foam Pigs are majorly used for heavy cleaning and dewatering of the internal diameter of the pipeline.

These pigs can be done in different elastomer patterns:

Single Cross or Criss CrossLight Wire Foam Pigs are pasted with a wire brush on the Exterior Diameter.
Wire brushes are pasted using polyurethane elastomer for strong bonding.
Light Wire brushes are made up of nylon wire.
Nylon wire brushes enable gentle scrapping and scaling of medium density scales especially water lines.

Fully Coated poly Foam pig is fully coated with polyurethane elastomer, available in Light, Medium and Heavy Density types.
Since fully coated, this Foam pig can be used for long-distance wiping, batching, product removal, and dewatering of the internal diameter of pipelines.

Also provides excellent wear resistance in long runs.
Pigs are coated of Polyurethane elastomers with shore A 80-85.

Foam pigs are pasted with Silicon Carbide Strips on the body of pig.

Silicon Carbide Strips are pasted on the outer body using polyurethane elastomer to provide strong bonding.

Abrasive foam pigs are engineered for heavy scrapping of rust and cleaning application of buildup materials on the internal diameter of pipelines.

Abrasive powder (Silicon Carbide) can also be coated on the outer DiameterHeavy Wire poly Foam Pigs are pasted with a metal wire brush on the Exterior Diameter.

Metal wire brush pig are well designed for the removal of hard scales on the internal diameter of the pipelines.


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