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The Purion engineered Steel mandrel pig and Mandrel Pig Consists of a solid steel body with polurethane or neoprene cup and disc for superior scraping and cleaning with variety of optional add-ons for specific applications. The number of cups and discs as well as their arrangement can be customized to accommodate certain application and desired results.

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Mandrel Pigs travel almost in all difficult piping systems overcoming obstacles like Short Bends, Tees, Multi-diameter pipelines.
Mandrel Pigs can be manufactured from 3″ to whooping 80″.
Cups and discs in the pig are replaced as they wear, Thus making it new pig.


2.Gauge plates

3.Jetting bye ports

4.Pulling Hook

5.Wheels (For long run)

6.Transmitter tilting provisions

7.Brushes (circular and spring loaded)

Capable of moving in both directions inside the pipeline and configurable for a variety of applications, equipped with two guide discs and scrapper discs that provide tight seals during air and water displacements.


Bi- Directional pigs can be manufactured from sizes 3″ to 80″

Bi-Directional pigs can be fitted with Brushes, Magnets, Byepass jetting ports, Gauge plates

A unidirectional pig which is generally made with 2 & 4 cups attached to the steel mandrel, is mainly used to separate dissimilar fluid.

  • Cup pigs are also called Unidirectional Pigs.
  • Cup pigs can be manufactured from sizes 3″ to 80″.
  • Cup can be manufactured from Polyurethane and all kind of Rubbers
  • Cup pigs can be fitted with Brushes, Magnets Bye pass jetting ports, Gauge plates, gauging pigs detects any internal restrictions.

Gauging is achieved by fitting a pig with an aluminum plate, sized proportionally to the minimum internal diameter.

These pigs are fitted with a combination of polyurethane guide discs and seal discs or cups.

Cleaning of pipelines incorporates a variety of benefits like:

Flow Improvement, Removal of Deposits, Preparing pipelines for product conversion, Pre-inspection cleaning.

Spring-loaded Brushes attached in the mandrel pigs provides high-Performance cleaning of the intricate pipeline with numerous restriction.

Cleaning pigs with Circular Brushes provide  360° all-round cleaning with the inner diameter of the pipeline.

High power, Multipole magnets are used in the Magnetic Mandrel Pigs to mainly remove the Metallic Debris, Corrosion Product, and Construction and Maintenance.


Mandrel Pigs | Steel mandrel pig | Multi diameter cleaning pig


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